BELLATOR JV Wins $60+ Million Enterprise IT Contract
COMSO is a member of the small business joint venture that was awarded the contract.
As a member of the BELLATOR Joint Venture, COMSO is pleased to announce the successful award of a $60+ million enterprise IT contract from a major Central Maryland customer. The contract represents a single award, four-year effort to provide highly specialized enterprise IT support. The effort includes end-to-end architecture, systems engineering, and maintenance and sustainment of a collaborative IT environment. As a result of this award, Team BELLATOR will have the opportunity to provide critical support to cutting edge IT engineering and systems integration efforts across various development and operational mission-focused teams implementing complex network infrastructures, data centers, enterprise software solutions, cross-domain solutions, and end-user support.

The BELLATOR JV is comprised of INNOPLEX, LLC (Managing Member), Columbia Technology Partners (CTP), and COMSO. The small business joint  venture was strategically formed to combine the strengths of three companies whose core capabilities make them ideally suited to successfully prime complex systems engineering, cyber security, and information technology efforts. BELLATOR is currently searching for additional prime contract opportunities within the private and public sectors.

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