COMSO to Support USGS on GeoMITS Task Order
COMSO's team will develop an open-source GIS- and ESRI-based interagency platform that will compile and disseminate geospatial information from a commercial cloud.
COMSO was awarded the Geospatial Platform Management and Information Technology Support (GeoMITS) task order supporting the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) at the USGS headquarters in Reston, Virginia. The primary focus of this task order is to enhance, operate, and maintain the Geospatial Platform at, as well as to provide Program Management (PMO) support to FGDC. COMSO will provide six to eight staff members to support both PMO and development efforts.

COMSO's support to the Program Management Office will focus on stakeholder engagement and training in order to build consensus on the implementation of both with OMB’s Circular A-16, “Coordination of Geographic Information and Related Spatial Data Activities,” and the subsequent A-16 Supplemental Guidance. Although the Supplemental Guidance was issued in November of 2010, there has not been a practical, standardized means to implement it across government agencies. FGDC and COMSO’s onsite team will be working to build an effective methodology that will allow for this implementation.

In conjunction with the PMO efforts, COMSO’s onsite team will develop a comprehensive strategy to develop an interagency platform that will compile and disseminate geospatial information in accordance with A-16 and the Supplemental Guidance. The platform will include various components, to include policy and guidance, geospatial information, and developer support. The geospatial portion of the platform will be based on both open-source GIS and ESRI technology. It is anticipated that the platform will be migrated from the current government-hosted cloud environment to a commercial cloud.