Investigating Semantic Web Technologies
COMSO's User Experience specialist Nina Chkhenkeli co-authored a white paper investigating the potential of using semantic technologies to integrate and analyze large data sets from multiple data systems.
Greenbelt, Maryland -- 4/24/2015.
COMSO User Experience Consultant Nina Chkhenkeli, together with collaborators from the Community for Data Integration Semantic Web Working Group, co-authored a white paper published as an open-file report by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The paper, entitled A Case Study of Data Integration for Aquatic Resources Using Semantic Web Technologies, reports on a pilot project developed and implemented by the working group. The pilot investigated the potential of semantic technologies to address the challenges of integrating scientific observations from multiple, disparate systems.  The use case objective for the project was to produce an integrated dataset from multiple observational data sources, which would be suitable for use in exploring potential relationships among freshwater fish populations and environmental factors.   The project team built a prototype system allowing scientists to explore and select observations data across multiple disciplines and data systems and combine them into a single dataset, coming with explicitly defined relationships and data definitions.  As User Experience specialist, Nina contributed to the development of the user interface for the prototype, which supports multi-step dynamic interaction between the user and the system. The project was funded by the USGS Community for Data Integration. The full text of the paper with detailed description of the prototype, conclusions, and a reflection on lessons learned can be found at

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