Software Development

COMSO specializes in delivering Windows and web applications, web services, geographic information systems, and cloud-based architectures and migration strategies to our clients.

Our subject matter experts oversee the development of product requirements throughout the software development lifecycle process and raise risks and mitigations to leadership to ensure compliance. They coordinate with customers and stakeholders to establish a vision and roadmap for the programs they manage and determine key initiatives to drive the product forward. 
  • Innovative Agile processes to dramatically reduce the requirements queue and testing iterations and quickly respond to user requests
  • Requirements gathering, design, development, testing, documentation, deployment, and post-production support 
  • Web services for communication using pervasive, standards-based Web technologies including HTTP and XML-based messaging
  • OGC-compliant web services for geospatial data visualization
  • Dashboard-related services in support of analytical processing, data mining, and gathering/analyzing metrics
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) with lightly-coupled REST API-based frameworks that use lightweight JSON and Atom services 
  • New API management products to supplement established SOA governance and management toolsets 
  • Use of open-source and third-party tools to expedite development and minimize costs