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COMSO Adds Parental Leave Program For All Employees

COMSO adds a Parental Leave Program for all employees.

Every year CEO Jacqui Magnes evaluates COMSO’s benefits and researches ways to enhance them and provide more for our employees. Starting in 2021, we provided an HRA in the amount of 100% of the medical deductible for an individual and family. The HRA dollars were not limited to the medical deductible and could also be used for copays. This benefit will continue in 2022 with an expanded and enhanced usage.

Acknowledging the importance of family, this year we have proudly added a paid Parental Leave Program for all COMSO employees (men and women). This paid leave will help facilitate the necessary parent/child bonding that is crucial in laying the foundation for a new family. This benefit also extends to adoptions and fostering a child.