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COMSO leverages its extensive IT systems expertise, adept software development skills, and cutting-edge learning solutions for workforce development to provide operations and production support to the enterprise. This empowers Federal Government and Intelligent Community (IC) stakeholders to fulfill their mission confidently and efficiently. Our areas of expertise include ITIL Service Management, standards-based network engineering and management, agile ADDIE learning solutions development, as well as the creation of custom software, web applications, and services.
COMSO has held prime contracts since our founding in 1988. We currently and successfully manage prime contracts at locations in Maryland, Georgia, Texas, Hawaii, and Alaska.


Jacqui Magnes
Chief Executive Officer

Jacqui Magnes, CEO and Owner, acquired COMSO in 2017 and continued the vision of supporting the Intelligence Community (IC) with IT services to support the global mission as a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB). She actively controls COMSO’s day-to-day operations and long-term strategies. In addition to a Master’s in Business Administration and a Master’s of Science degree in Marketing Management from University of Maryland University College (UMUC), Ms. Magnes has over 25 years of business experience that ranges from business development and management, sales and marketing, competitive analysis, federal policy, as well as strategic planning and execution. Her undergraduate degree is in Medical and Research Technology from the University of Maryland, School of Medicine.

Lisa Goodman
Chief Operating Officer

Lisa Goodman, COMSO’s COO since 2014, has been with COMSO for over 30 years. Having a Master’s Degree in Engineering Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Ms. Goodman is also PMP-certified with a technical background in Information Technology (IT) and over 35 years’ experience managing IT projects and programs. Ms. Goodman oversees COMSO’s business operations including programs, contracts, proposal development, quality assurance, and talent acquisition. She is COMSO’s Corporate Compliance officer overseeing compliance for International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Department of Labor and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), IT Cybersecurity, and other compliance areas.


“In an ever-changing business environment marked by shifting societal expectations and priorities, corporate values serve as a steadfast anchor for COMSO. They offer stability and resilience, navigating the company through challenges and fluctuations while upholding a steadfast sense of purpose. These guiding principles are integral to shaping COMSO’s overarching ethos, impacting our employees, our customers, our partners, the mission, and our dedicated commitment to supporting veterans and the community through our charitable initiatives.” – Words from our CEO

This is COMSO
COMSO and our employees follow strong moral and ethical principles that extend into all areas of work, such as decision-making, interacting with colleagues, and serving our customers and clients.
COMSO’s leaders, managers and employees make every effort to understand the changing IT environment, be innovative, and anticipate our customer’s needs. Our team has the ability to quickly understand, adapt and change a course of solutioning.
COMSO utilizes our diverse team’s different backgrounds and skills to collaborate toward achieving our company goals. Diverse individuals bring diverse solutions leading to a more informed decision-making process and improved results.
COMSO encourages our employees to communicate openly and increase the sharing of ideas, fostering a more collaborative and trustworthy work environment. Being more informed allows for more innovation.
COMSO expects exceptional performance on the individual, team, and corporate levels. Every employee is held to the highest standards and is expected to perform consistently and exceed our customers’ expectations.