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COMSO brings knowledgeable IT systems expertise, software development proficiency, innovative learning solutions for workforce development, and exceptional operations and production support to the enterprise, empowering Federal Government stakeholders to fulfill their mission with confidence and efficiency.


COMSO is a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) with a vision of ‘Together we will Make it Happen.’ That vision is intertwined with every aspect of COMSO, including but not limited to the corporate infrastructure, our internal and external customers, supporting our veterans, and giving back to the community.

COMSO’s mission is to foster an environment where IT specialists can grow professionally and personally while being empowered to make it happen under any circumstance with transparent communication and agile solutioning.


COMSO and our employees follow strong moral and ethical principles that extend into all areas of work, such as decision-making, interacting with colleagues, and serving our customers and clients.

COMSO encourages our employees to communicate openly and increase the sharing of ideas, fostering a more collaborative and trustworthy work environment.  Being more informed allows for more innovation.

COMSO utilizes our diverse team’s different backgrounds and skills to collaborate toward achieving our company goals.  Diverse individuals bring diverse solutions leading to a more informed decision-making process and improved results.

COMSO’s leaders, managers and employees make every effort to understand the changing IT environment, be innovative, and anticipate our customer’s needs.  Our team has the ability to quickly understand, adapt and change a course of solutioning.

COMSO expects exceptional performance on the individual, team, and corporate levels.  Every employee is held to the highest standards and is expected to perform consistently and exceed our customers’ expectations.

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