Best And First - What is the Difference Between Roborock S50 and S55

A great deal of our readers ask us about the difference in between the Roborock S50 vs S55. However the truth is that there is no distinction between the both Roborock vacuums except color. It's the same model called Roborock S5, some sellers utilize the number behind "S5" to stand for the shade of robot Vacuum Cleaners(Vacuum Cleaner). On Roborock's main site, the Roborock S5 version exists in 3 colors, all versions are readily available on Amazon.

When the initial two figures are various, then you have a different design. For insurance, the S5 is a disparate model than the Roborock S6. For the S5 robot, there are an overall of 9 different model numbers. Sounds complicated, right? It actually isn't. Let’s figure it out.Small Vacuum Cleaner(here’s a blog post on

The Third and Fourth Numbers Will Change

The technical version number, as stated, is four figures long. “S501” is the entire version number. You will also see S502 and S503. The third figure (in this instance a "0"), refers to the robot's color. The zero refers to the default color for that line, and in the case of the S5, the default color is white. Therefore, an S50 is an S5 series in white color.

The fourth digit refers to the nation code where the design is offered (and appropriately, the kind of power cable supplied in the box). A “1” in the fourth spot is for The United States and Canada, a “2” is for Europe as well as a “3” is for Asia.

To complete the confusion, there are three color choices to select from White, Black and White with Rose Gold trimming. Specifically, the third number will be a 0, 5, or 1 to stand for which color remains in package.

It’s easy when you realize the rule. As you can see, both the S5 and S50 are the same model robots, other than the S55 are black. The S551 is one of S5 versions, black in color and offered in North America.

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All you need to keep in mind is the version identification:

Base design number (2 digits) – Color Code (1 digit) – Nation Code (1 digit).

I wish that helps clear up the model number confusion for you. Let’s go on now, with our new knowledge and figure out how well the S5 (in any color) does.

The Roborock S5 (and s50) Details
Whatever you call it, the S5, S50, S501 used to name an even different name. It wasn’t until the S6 was being launched that Roborock took over the most share of the firm and altered the name. At the very beginning the name was Xiaomi (generation 1 models).

Roborock added more to the second generation robots, and placed their name on the faceplate. The Roborock Generation 2 was born. After Roborock took charge, they re-released the Gen 2 using the name Roborock S5.

Here is our review for a complete review of the device, and a deeper realizing of the names this robot has experienced.

Below is a brief overview of the re-released version features.

Breaking Down the Roborock S5 (and s50)

The Roborock S5 was upgraded from scratch to answer a great deal of problems the previous models had. How do the brand-new functions hold up under examination? Let’s have a look.Best Handheld Vacuum(new post from Best Handheld Vacuum)

Wet Mopping Gets a Full Revolution

The new wet mop enables you to transform the S5 into a mopping robot without having to turn it over. The water container slides into the back of the robotic vacuum, like a cabinet, keeping the water inside without sloshing.

There are two small filters included in updated features that control the water flow from the container to the cloth and the microfiber cloth itself has more surface area to affix the container with.

The filters help purify the water, so you aren’t leaving filthy water behind on your floors. The cloth is upgraded to adhere much more firmly, hence it doesn’t roll up, allowing the cloths last much longer and carry out better.

The basic consensus is that the wet mop attribute does work much better now. You will get between 45 and 60 minutes to wet mop your floors . “It functions far better” seems like saying burnt dinner is better than charred dinner. It might be better, yet dinner is still ruined.

Laser-Guided Navigation and Map Plan Looks Intelligent

The S5 utilizes laser distance sensor much as the Neato BotVacs do. It will scan your house with five 360 degree scans per second. It will produce a map that will show up on the mobile app where you can then have remotely control.

As soon as the floor has really been mapped, the robot will clean along the edges of a single area, then move over the floor in back and forth parallel lines cleaning the rest of it. Once a room is finished, the Roborock S55 will directly resume cleaning next area.

The LDS laser system enables the robot to scan around for the charging dock as well rather than running along the walls until it hits it. So, you will probably see the robot go back to the dock from the center of the room, like it realizes what it is doing.

Vacuum Cyclone 3D Cleaning System is A Lot More Powerful

Roborock upgraded the electric motor and enhanced the performance of the airflow and filtration system. Their new system, which they call Vacuum Cyclone 3D, exceeds previous models.

The new generation can create up to 2000pa of airflow while the “floating head” brush roll stays in contact with the floor no matter the flooring type or height.

The filter is an E-11 HEPA filter that is painted with Teflon so you can wash it off. The airflow chamber is hollow too, allowing you to turn on the water through the chamber (with filter and dust bin detached) to rinse out the robot.

Does it works well?

The Roborock S5 has five cleaning modes from “gentle mode” to “max mode.” In addition, it totally integrates mopping with the robot’s other various advanced features and enables more accurate water control in the Mi Home app. With 150 minutes run-time, 2000pa suction power and side brush tool, Roborock's robot vacuums are pretty good at cleaning up pet hair, whether it be dog or cat hair.

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